Riccardo Wolfgang Gay Luger was born in Como, Italy, in 1976. He spent his early years in Venezuela, then moved to Spain and now is based in London, United Kingdom. Since early years he showed interest in art, and had the support of his family and was guided into Contemporary Art by Adriana Cifuentes. 

A camera is a device Riccardo always carries with him since 2001 to work in the agency he started in 2007: Lugermedia / Picante, that gave birth to Lugermad  Professional photography, self-taught, during the advertising agency years for clients, discovering even a greater passion for photography as medium taking him to study a one year school of photography in EFTI, Spain.

Now he does photographic projects and exhibits his work using his second name Wolfgang as artistic last name, Riccardo Wolfgang. Also he does special commissions and works as commercial photographer. He sees, explores and takes pictures of the main topics of his photographic vision, including street photography: Serendipity, Structures, DJs, Passages that have been exhibited in London and Milan.
He has done portraits of many contemporary artists, thinkers and entrepreneurs like Nancy Spielberg, Mikhail Friedman, Bernard Henry-Levy, Franklin Evans, Rosita Missoni, Gabrielle Di Matteo, Igor Eskinja, Luca Pozzi, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Giovanni Rizzoli, Abdelkader Benchamma, Radhika Khimji, Gianni Pettena and many curatos, gallerist, characters in the art world.

Award winner of the British National Photography Award -Second Round- and The Wedisson Award.

Riccardo lets curators or individuals construct exhibitions with images of different series showing the influence of the selection of works and themes (sometimes even to create a new theme). it brings up questions in the field of relevance and flexibility of the artist, art world and curatorial work.