Scenarios – Riccardo Wolfgang

Still life scenarios are a human made configuration or disposition of objects that makes people feel connected and attracted to it. We have see it through history and still grabs our senses. Riccardo Wolfgang collects this scenarios in the search of the sensations we feel when there are seen.

Portrait Enigma – Riccardo Wolfgang

Portraits Enigma didn’t start as a series of portraits, just begun to happen exploring. Is a spontaneous collection of unique characters that by one reason or another Riccardo ended up doing their portraits. After a few he realise that history transcends the photographer.

Structures – Riccardo Wolfgang

Structure is a fundamental, tangible or intangible notion referring to the recognition,observation, nature, and permanence of patterns and relationships of entities. This notion may itself be an object, such as a built structure, or an attribute, such as the structure of society.


The party is an ancestral ritual, done by almost all civilizations, where people behave differently. DJ´S are the contemporary Shaman´s or group Gurus that change peoples state of mind. Attendands go there to see a performance, a ritual.

Serendipity – Riccardo Wolfgang

SERENDIPITY is a very similar word to COINCIDENCE.
Some critical thinkers insist that everything that occurs can be related to a prior cause or association, no matter how significant or how trivial.
Serendipity means a “fortunate happenstance” or “pleasant surprise”.

Passages – Riccardo Wolfgang

The action or process of moving through or past somewhere on the way from one place to another.
This photographic series by London-based photographer Riccardo Wolfgang is an analogy of the passages that shape our lives.
The artist successfully captured this concept by creating aesthetically attractive images with a profound meaning.


nspired in Man at Work, during The Immigrants Exhibition.
Very few words have the representative power and the semantic density of the word immigrant.