Structure is a fundamental, tangible or intangible notion referring to the recognition,observation, nature, and permanence of patterns and relationships of entities. This notion may itself be an object, such as a built structure, or an attribute, such as the structure of society. Structures are applicable to people in how a society is as a system organized by a characteristic pattern of relationships.

The photographic series STRUCTURES may look like an exercise in street photography. In fact this series represents a carefully researched project that has taken Riccardo Wolfgang to several cities in UK, Spain and Italy. Structures are therefore the starting point of these urban portraits that were shot on in London and various cities in Italy. The theme implies that all structures that surround us and form our reality (people, places, human languages, social institutions) are products of cultural crossovers.


GUM – Structures

STRUCTURES GUM MOSCOW Year: 2013 Technic: Photography, cotton paper print  ...